Yeast extract is a proven safe ingredient that replaces salt, improves flavor and strengthens the cooking and baking process of many food products. Yeast extract is a Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) ingredient by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Because yeast extract is all-natural, it adds savory flavor to a wide range of foods without the need to add chemically-derived flavor enhancers.

Yeast Extract Provides Stand-Alone Rich and Dynamic Tastes and Flavor

One of the components responsible for the round and rich taste of yeast extract is an amino acid known as glutamic acid, which is naturally present in fresh yeast as well as in yeast extract. Yeast extract can replace salt, improve flavor and strengthen the cooking and baking process of many foods and beverages.

The Benefits of Yeast Extract

  • Taste – Yeast extract provides rich, dynamic and full flavor to a wide variety of foods, from sauces and soups to savory snacks.

  • A Natural & Vegan Ingredient – Yeast extract is derived from three different types of natural, active yeasts – Baker’s, Torula and Brewer’s – the same yeast used in the production of bread, beer and wine.

Additional Benefits

What is Yeast Extract and How is it Produced?