How Much Do You Know About Yeast Extract? Take the Quiz and See!

New Website Presents the Facts About a Common, Natural Ingredient

Washington, D.C. – There’s a lot of conflicting information about the foods we eat. For example, yeast extract is one of the world’s most common and versatile seasonings, yet most Americans know little about this savory sensation that’s in many of our foods

To provide science-based facts about yeast extract, The Savory Taste Alliance – a consortium of yeast extract manufacturers – has launched a new website – which serves as a resource for journalists, consultants, food retailers and consumers seeking expert information.

Restaurants and food makers use yeast extract, which is the essence of yeast, to reduce added salt without sacrificing flavor. This staple ingredient provides the savory flavor we all identify in soups, packaged meats, crackers, snack foods, and ready-to-eat meals like macaroni and cheese.

Despite its popularity, some food activists have falsely claimed that yeast extract is artificial or may cause some people to experience unpleasant reactions. The truth is, yeast extract is natural, organic, GMO-free and perfectly safe. It’s a true taste enhancer with a concentrated flavor called “umami” – which means savory in Japanese

How much do you know about yeast extract? Here’s a quick quiz to test your knowledge. You’ll find the answers at

  1. What ancient civilization is credited with first using yeast in food and beverages?
  2. What vitamin naturally occurs in yeast extract?
  3. What do Parmesan cheese, tomatoes and peas have in common with yeast extract?
  4. Which U.S. government agency has certified yeast extract as safe?
  5. What British product made from yeast extract does chef Nigella Lawson consider one of ten essential ingredients in her kitchen?

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