Sodium Reduction – a benefit of yeast extract

When used in food and beverage products, yeast extract provides several benefits in a variety of ways, a major one being sodium reduction. In today’s current climate consumers are reading Nutrition Labels more and focus on cleaner eating, all whilst making limited adjustments to their current way of life.

Many consumers don’t think about the fact that the salt is already in foods they purchase like sauces or soups and “salt” their food before they eat it. As a result, they often add their own salt to dishes that may already have the ingredient, increasing their sodium intake beyond dietary recommendations.

Yeast extract is an ingredient that helps provide exactly what they are looking for. Since 2016, sales have increased worldwide by 29% for products that prioritize salt reduction. With countries like the, United States and the United Kingdom bringing awareness to the health benefits of lower salt intake it is no wonder consumers have become so aware of the ingredients in their foods.

What makes yeast extract so unique, and the perfect solution for both consumers, developers and suppliers, is the natural characteristics. With an affect similar to that of a spice, this ingredient can boost the flavor of food formulas, decrease sodium levels by up to 30% and fit into virtually every type of diet.

How exactly can yeast extract decrease sodium?

With its ability to mimic sought-after natural flavors, such as meaty, salty and grilled, the addition of this ingredient means there is less need for salt. Because of the rich, umami notes it brings to food and beverages, it also means there’s no compromise on flavor.

With its many versatile uses and rich taste there are countless ways that this one ingredient is exactly what both consumers and food suppliers are looking for.