Why Use Yeast Extract?

When it comes to food production, yeast extract is a very versatile ingredient that can improve, intensify and add depth-of-flavor. It is often used in preparing vegetarian and vegan dishes, to season sauces, bouillons, soups and snacks, and is a great way to maintain flavor while decreasing sodium content.

What Are the Benefits of Using Yeast Extract?

There are a lot of both nutritional and flavorful benefits to using yeast extract in food production.

  • Lower Sodium
    For food producers, cutting down sodium levels can mean a negative impact on taste and flavor. Yeast extract functions similar to that of using a spice, providing an alternative solution that can add rich flavor while lowering salt content.

  • Vegetarian and Vegan-Friendly
    Yeast extract is derived from three different types of natural, active yeast – Baker’s, Brewer’s and Torula. Although yeast extract is for use in all food-types, it’s especially effective when used in the manufacturing of vegetarian and vegan food products, contributing a savory, umami flavor not unlike a meat bouillon.

  • Clean label friendly

  • Source of Vitamin B and Proteins
    In addition, yeast extract is a rich source of vitamin B-12, a nutrient that can sometimes be lacking in vegetarian and vegan food options. Because its components come directly from natural yeast, yeast extract possesses a rich mix of protein compounds.

  • Provides Rich, Umami Flavor; Fat Reduction
    Due to its rich, umami flavor, yeast extract contributes to a fuller, stronger taste in many food products, creating a sensation of smoothness for consumers. This allows for a reduction in fats in the food manufacturing process.

  • Certified Halal and Kosher by recognized organizations